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How to get ready for your maternity photo session.

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!

If you have never booked a pregnancy photo session before, you probably don't know what to expect and how you can prepare to make the most of your maternity photo session.

I have prepared this little guide to make this experience easy for you and get the best pictures possible.



Please try to book your photo session as early as possible, usually the right time is after your 2nd scan to allow enough time to plan for your session and to guarantee your place. The best time to schedule your maternity photo session is between 32 to 36 weeks when your belly has a lovely round shape and you feel light and radiant.The last couple of weeks of pregnancy can be very tiring and you might feel uncomfortable as the swelling tends to worsen towards the end of your pregnancy and also there is a risk of giving birth before your scheduled session.


Your partner and other children are most welcome to come with you for a couple of portraits.

It is important to include them and share this special moments with them too.

If bringing children please remember to bring a few snacks for them (nothing that will stain please) as the children tend to get bored very quickly especially if the focus is not on them.


Bristol maternity photographer


Let me know if there are any significant images you wish to have or don't want. Everyones style is different.

Please let me know if you are interested in doing partial or nude pictures. It is important for me to know what you are comfortable with before the session so I can plan the poses.

I have plenty of maternity dresses, floating fabrics, body suits, crop tops and other outfits for you to borrow. Please have a look at the available outfits HERE.

However please bring plain white, nude and set of black underwear for your session.

I have a variety of fabrics we can drape around you to show off your pregnancy belly.

If you wish to have some casual maternity pictures I would recommend to bring

-regular Jeans(for you and your partner)

-long flowy maxi dress and tube dress

-black or white jacket

-an oversized buttoned shirt or jumper


-black and white shirts or t-shirts for your partner

-coordinating outfits for children

-any favourite accessories , jewellery, hats, scarves etc.

-any sentimental items like baby's little shoes or a teddy, scan picture etc.

These are just the ideas, I have a big range of outfits you are welcome to use.


Bristol maternity photographer


Pregnancy photo shoot is a great excuse to pamper yourself. Whether you going for a glamorous look or natural one I would recommend to put a little more than what you normally would to define your eyes and lips.

Neutral looking fake lashes can really flatter your eyes.

If in budget, I would recommend professional make up and hair done to feel even more beautiful and confident.

Get your nails and toes ready for the photo session.

Your hands will appear in all of your pictures, let's make them look good!


My home studio address is 18 CHARLTON AVENUE, BS34 7QX. There is a free parking on the road outside the studio. If you get lost please call me on 07593024189.

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